The Hidden Job Market || Part 1: The Employer’s Perspective


You’ve applied to several jobs that are perfect for you, and yet you never hear back. Suddenly, your friend gets a similar job, with seemingly little effort. She got an introduction, or had a coffee date, or  who knows what, and suddenly, she’s on her way to her first day at a slick office in New York. You’re wondering: how did she do that?


If you think she got the job thanks to secret or hidden opportunities you don’t know about, chances are, you’re right. While you were applying to jobs on, your friend waltzed right past hundreds of job applicants and found a position through what some people call the Hidden Job Market.

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Does your resume seem to disappear into a black hole? Here’s why.

Do you know what happens when you submit your resume for a job online? There is a chance that no human will ever read it. This is because resumes submitted to most online job portals pass through something called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS is a type of software that “reads” your resume or job application for keywords and to decide if you are a good match for the position.


The problem is, these systems are far from perfect. You may be highly qualified for a job, but the ATS won’t know it if you do not format your resume in a particular way, while including certain information and keywords.


Because of this, plenty of qualified job applications are discarded, and these jobseekers never get to show why they would be a good match for the position. So what can you do to avoid having your resume fall through the cracks?

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