Has finding a job gotten harder?

I hear the same complaint again and again:  “Finding a job feels much harder than it used to!”


Is this sentiment simply an expression of frustration, or is finding a new job actually more difficult than it was in the past?


Here are two factors that are likely making this process harder… and what you can do about them.

You are competing with more jobseekers online


Thanks to a plethora of new websites facilitating the hiring process for employers, it is easier to apply for a job than ever. The downside is that as a result, there are more applications being submitted than ever… and as a result, it can be harder for you to stand out.


What to do about it: Customize your resume for each job, and be mindful of the robots that rank your resume. By making it truly clear why you are an ideal candidate for the job, you will stand out from the hundreds of people who simply click “Apply” on dozens of jobs per day.


You’re more choosy than you were in the past – and that’s a good thing


Back in the day, when you were still relatively new to your career, you were probably willing to take any opportunity coming your way to advance your career and get more experience.


But today, things are different. Perhaps you now have a family, and your work-life balance is far more important to you than it used to be. Or perhaps you have moved up several rungs on the corporate ladder, and are only interested in positions that have the word “manager” or “director” in the title. These are, of course, harder to come by. So the reason it’s harder to find a job is that your standards are higher than they used to be.


What to do about it: The best way to deal with a market that has a smaller selection of jobs that are appropriate for you is to engage in effective networking. Whether you are seeking a company that will allow you a flexible schedule or increased responsibility and a bigger title, accept that this may take more time, and the way to find the perfect fit is through new contacts and existing relationships.



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