Showing Employers Your Potential

If you are still in the early stages of your career, you many not have a lot of experience to show to interested employers. However, if you can demonstrate your potential to the hiring manager, you may get that coveted chance to prove yourself. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Make it about them. When your experience is limited, you can still come up with ideas to help companies be more profitable or efficient. By focusing more on the company than on yourself, and presenting ideas on what you can do to help them, hiring managers will see you as someone that has a burning desire to solve their problems.
  • Focus on your hard Skills. Anyone can say they are a great communicator or a team player. But by discussing specific, provable skills that you can bring to the table — whether it’s your knowledge of SEO or a programming language — you can show specific ways you’ll contribute at the job.
  • Talk in terms of numbers. Even if your achievements to date are limited, quantifying them will show that you are serious about your work. So if you came up with a neat trick or process to improve efficiency at your last job, explain how much time was saved, or how many people were affected. And don’t just say that you dazzled clients — talk about how many people you worked with, and your measurable results.

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